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Privacy Policy – New Generation Research

New Generation Research (NGR), the publisher of The Turnaround Letter (and its affiliated website),, Bankruptcy Week, Bankruptcy Daily, The Distressed Company Alert,, and The Bankruptcy Yearbook and Almanac, has adopted a privacy policy in order to inform and reassure users who choose to share their personal information with us. Our intention is to clarify the manner in which we will use this information. NGR is not responsible for any of the privacy policies of websites to which it may link. NGR reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, and the user should check policy regularly to see if any changes have been made and if it affects them.

What information does NGR gather about the user?

Free Trial Registrants

For the free trial registrants, NGR collects the user's general information, including her/his email address, company, title, address, phone and fax numbers, information about where the user heard about the NGR site and the user name and password that the user will employ to access the site.

Email this Article Participants

For Email this Article participants, NGR collects the sender's name, email address and comments, as well as the recipient's name and email address.


NGR employs cookies in order to track site usage, and in order to verify a user's access information. This also enables the user to access the full articles without having to re-enter a user name and password each time. Users must have their browsers set to accept cookies in order to view NGR's material, including, but not limited to each site's home page.

Statistical Data

NGR monitors the IP addresses, or the location of your computer on the Internet, along with the corresponding user name and password of each user in order to prevent unauthorized access to NGR's sites. Some of this information is used to help us build statistical data on NGR site usage.

Statistical data regarding access to the each site is also gathered. This data may include frequency of use, duration of use, number of visits per page, and other information of an entirely impersonal nature. Generally, this type of information is not user specific; rather, it is anonymous.

What does NGR do with the information we gather about the user?

The information gathered by NGR is used for these main purposes:

a) to help NGR determine site usage, reader preferences and content for upcoming features,

b) to help the NGR staff better assist those in need of technical support and account updates,

c) to prohibit unauthorized access to NGR web sites,

d) to inform visitors to the site of changes and updates.

Who else sees this info?

Statistical data, in aggregate form, may be used or shared with outside companies, clients, or advisors for the purpose of demonstrating the use of the site. Any individual user information will be removed before presenting the statistics to outside companies, clients, or advisors. Detailed information about individual users is not divulged to any source and used only for the purposes stated above in "What does NGR do with the information we gather about the user".

How can you opt out of this agreement?

At any time during your free trial or subscription, you have the option to terminate your service and opt out of the daily email that is sent to you. To do so, simply email Additionally, you can modify or update any of your information by emailing this address: