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Why Choose the Turnaround Letter?

Why should you choose to subscribe to The Turnaround Letter? Because it is trusted and established and can help you make money. Listed below are the most common reasons that our subscribers tell us why they subscribe  to The Turnaround Letter.
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PerformanceThe Turnaround Letter has one of the best and most consistent track records of the over 180 investment newsletters on the market today. With a 2009 YTD return of 51% and a 20 year rate of return of 11.3%, you will be hard pressed to find a newsletter that will serve you better.

Clear and easy to read – The Turnaround Letter is written in a manner that is clear and easy to read. You don’t have to be a Wall Street analyst to understand the reasons for their buy and sell recommendations.

Recommendation follow up – We track the performance of all our recommendations from “Purchase” to “Sell”.

We don’t follow the crowd – Most brokers and Wall Street analysts avoid turnaround situations because they have been burned by the stock on the way down. Most investors chase the same stocks (which are followed by hundreds of highly trained analysts) and so it is hard to outperform. The Turnaround Letter seeks out unloved, down-and-out turnaround situations. When these stocks eventually do come back into Wall Street’s good graces, they can soar as investors pile into them.

Flexible - You can use the Turnaround Letter to build a whole portfolio or for just individual stock ideas.

Turnaround Letter Investment Philosophy

Our approach is simple. We avoid the "blue chips" and "hot" stocks that most investors are stampeding into. Instead, we search out companies that have had some problems and are temporarily out-of-favor, but are in the process of turning around. These stocks seem like laggards when we first identify them, but as the turnaround becomes more evident, Wall Street will jump into the stock and push the price up - often dramatically.

Additionally our approach minimizes risk as we believe there is much less risk in a "troubled" stock that has already been hammered down by the market than in a "hot" stock that is trading at 30 or 40 times earnings. The hot growth stock will come crashing down if there is just a little bad news (or perhaps even good news that wasn't quite as good as Wall Street expected). But a stock that is already perceived as troubled may hardly budge on more bad news.


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